Meet the winners

Dear Community,

after a thrilling ideabird contest from March 23rd until April 10th with hundreds of amazing innovators, hundreds of inspiring ideas and thousands of contributions in the discussion, the jury has gone through an intensive discussion in the jury meeting in Cologne on April 27th to select the winners.
In the end the jury managed to award the prizes to the following ideas and contributors:

Best Ideas

1st Winner


"Emergency triangle" from marguis

Jury Statement: "The Emergency Triangle convinced us because it is a unique and innovative idea with the goal of increasing safety on the streets. It's a typical product, which everybody knows, and at the same time the idea offers a new and very concrete benefit that only becomes possible through M2M. Therefore it fits perfectly to the contest. The potential for such a solution is also huge - it may be placed in cars by manufacturers or offered as a valuable present for clients. "

2nd Winner


"M2M Remote Parking Disc" from psammern

Jury Statement: "The Remote Parking Disk is the most innovative gimmick we have seen in the contest. It provides great help in our everyday life, fits perfectly to the contest and inspires many other applications. "

The jury could not decide on the third prize. Therefore, they decided to give away two 3rd prizes.

3rd Winner (#1)


"Pizzatracker - where is my pizza?" from stuten

Jury Statement: "The Pizza Tracker addresses an interesting business by providing an innovative M2M-based solution to industrialized delivery services. It may fascinate customers of these services who probably like using online tools, and could boost service quality to a new level. It also provides great benefits to the service provider as an excellent tool for differentiation. "

3rd Winner (#2)


"Modern Hide & Seek" from Uros Obradovic

Jury Statement: "With the help of M2M, Modern Hide & Seek brings one of the most popular children's games into the age of geocaching. It thereby allows bunch of new rules - really the next generation of Hide & Seek. "

Design Prize


"Comunidad (Community)" from Sergio Scotta

Statement of the contest management team: "Comunidad is a great community oriented concept, visualized in a winsomely designed device. The Appealing shapes meet though-through application of tomorrow's technology. The interesting concept, the design's focus on usability and ergonomics and the effort that was put in the presentation let this work stand out."

Because of these great numbers of contributions, the opionions and evaluations of teh community and the experts, this task was anything but easy! The jury wants to thank all participants for their engagement, many reasons for inspiring and great discussions and a fun challenge!

See some impressions from the 1-day jury meeting:

Sebastian from the project team presents an idea to the jury.

Prof. Frank Piller and Markus Rieger discuss open questions of an
idea in the coffee break.

Prof. Claudia Loebbecke and Steffan Legler having a hard time to
decide whom to give their vote.

Prof. Frank Piller and Dr. Lothar Müller with the challenging task of
choosing the best.

The jury in discussion about the ideas in the final round.

The ideabird jury from left to right:
Dr. Lothar Müller, Markus Rieger, Prof. Claudia Loebbecke,
Steffen Legler, Prof. Frank Piller, Jürgen Haase