Prize money

All submitted ideas have the opportunity to win cash and non-cash prizes amounting to a total of $10.000 plus non-cash prizes.

If your idea is one of the three best submissions amongst all categories, you can win the following monetary prizes:

  • 1st prize: $5.000

  • 2nd prize: $3.000

  • 3rd prize: $1.000

Besides the best ideas, the contest management team will also award a prize for the best design of an idea or concept. This idea will be rewarded with $1.000.

Additionally, if you are a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd prize winners, the consortium will invite you and the other winners to Dusseldorf to participate in an awards ceremony. There, you will have the opportunity to present and to further discuss your ideas with a team of top managers from the contest partner organizations and members of the expert team. The jury is responsible for the selection of the best overall designs. The members of the jury will consider the opinions of the community and the evaluation criteria.


Besides the granting of prizes for 1st to 3rd place, the contest partners invite the winners and a group of selected participants to an exclusive innovation workshop to Aachen on May 10, 2012. The experts and judges will select contest contributors who are not among the winners, but showed great involvement in the competition, either by submitting ideas or participating in the discussion and development of others' ideas to join the innovation workshop. The workshop will be conducted by experts of partnering companies and institutions. If you are selected to join the workshop, you will have the opportunity to follow the ideas generated in the contest closely. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to further discuss your ideas and thoughts with top managers of the contest partners.

Further Rewards

If you are a member or employee of the consortium, you are invited to participate in the contest and submit ideas. Nevertheless, to secure a fair handling of the Jury- process, you will be rewarded differently than the remaining contest community. If your idea is selected, you will win an iPad 2 by Apple.